Everyone will tell to socialize more and build relationship with anyone and everyone from your workspace which may help you later when you are in need. This is possible when you are open to conversations. Small talks are more than a new way of making relationships; it is more of a mirror reflecting our society. Still, there are many of us who are working professionals, new or experienced and yet building relationships over small conversations is just not their cup of tea. They could be introverted in nature or someone who means strict business and may come off as a rude person or simply someone who is not “chill” enough.

If so many people have this tip for you, probably it’s time for you to try it out. But you are scared of the awkward talks or that awkward silence?  Those instances could be a problem for many but the truth is, no matter how much you hate it you still have to find a way to help yourself with it.

What is small talk?

If you look online you’ll find this– Small talk is an informal type of discourse that does not cover any functional topics of conversation or any transactions that need to be addressed. The trend of small talk was originally studied in 1923 by Bronislaw Malinowski, who further coined the term “phatic communication.” In other words, this is the type of conversation where there is an exchange of information from both sides rather being a Q and A- interview which it often turns into. The conversation often involves asking about daily life, chores, family, health, etc. It is mostly not important; most of the conversations are forgotten in minutes.

Is small talk important?

Yes and no at the same time. You can’t push someone into a conversation irrespective of what kind of person they are i.e, introvert or extrovert. A person may be going through a bad day or maybe trying to focus on something more important. On the other hand, such conversations keep you company when you feel out of place, establishes new bond if you find someone with similar interests. In business perspective, it may help you get your work done if you know the right person and mindless conversation is all it takes. Its completely up to personal preferences but it still has an advantage to it- the perks of having “contacts”. There are some possible reasons why most people avoid any such conversations unless they are important such as:

  • Having low self-esteem.
  • Unconfident of their English vocabulary
  • Does not like beating around the bushes.
  • Establishing a conversation for more important things.

It takes time to know someone and trust someone for sure. Small talks are for you if you want to know someone, be in touch with them because you liked the way they are and will be available to help you if you needed them or vice versa.